Woodcare troubleshooter: maintaining a deck

Troubleshooter: maintaining a deck

Worried about a mossy deck or the danger of rot? Use our troubleshooter to keep your deck in top condition.

Good quality decking can make a garden feel like an extra room in the summer. But decking needs maintenance to keep it in prime condition. Here are simple solutions to the most common issues you might face...

A tin of wood stain
Tin of stain

How do I stop my deck from rotting?

Wood rots when it comes into contact with moisture. New, untreated decking should be treated with a wood preserver[LINK: local product] and then regularly coated with either a stain or oil that will enhance and protect its natural beauty. The natural oils in wood deplete as it weathers, so regular applications of oil will nourish it and enhance its natural colour.


How do I stop my deck weathering?

Unmaintained decking will gradually turn a pale grey as sunlight bleaches it. You can limit this by applying protective oils and stains[LINK: local product] when you first lay decking, but if that didn’t happen you can also act retrospectively. Use a restorer gel to remove that outer layer of bleached wood, revealing the true colour of the original wood surface below.

Brushing wood in anti-slip
Brushing wood

How do I make my deck non-slip?

One of the most common complaints about decking is that it becomes slippery if not maintained, especially in wet conditions. To prevent this, regular jet washing of your deck will keep it free from moss, mould or fungal build-up. But to protect against the natural slipperiness of wood in wet conditions, apply an anti-slip oil, varnish or paint[LINK: local product]. These contain anti-slip micro-beads that form a film on the surface of your deck. Many anti-slip products[LINK: local product] also contain an anti-fungal agent to prevent mould growth.

Scrubbing a wooden deck
Scrubbing deck

How do I stop moss growing on my deck?

The key to avoiding growth build-up is regular maintenance. By keeping your deck clean you will keep it refreshed and moss-free. This can be done by regularly brushing the decking with a stiff broom and scrubbing or jet washing the surface. Many oils, stains and paints[LINK: local product] also contain algaecide agents that prevent the growth of moss, algae or fungi.

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